Glades, Rides and Hedges

Many woodlands and particularly those that have been left unmanaged for a while will have boundaries which are damaged or missing. We have experience of planting mixed species hedge-lines. Hedges offer an important opportunity to increase the biodiversity of a woodland both through the species planted and through the habitat created by the hedge itself. We can discuss your requirements for the hedge ( barrier) and the protective measures needed for the hedge until it becomes established (e.g. dead-hedge line, biodegradable guards).

Mixed hazel, rowan and field maple hedge being planted inside a protective "dead-hedge"


The creation of rides (a wide path) and glades in a woodland, increases the level of light that reaches the woodland floor. This allows a number of shrubs and plants, particularly flowering plants, to thrive. These in turn attract insects which attract birds and small mammals. 

We can help you plan and establish glades and rides in your woodland.  

Ride created along a flat area of a steep-sided woodland, allowing owner access and increasing the structural and ecological diversity of the woodland