About us


Coedwen is a micro business. We are committed to managing woodland in a way that is sustainable and improves biodiversity. We take active steps to minimise any negative impact our activities might have on the environment.  

Our particular expertise lies in coppicing. Coppicing is the ancient practice of periodically cutting certain hardwood species of tree to ground level. This promotes vigorous re-growth and a sustainable supply of wood for the future. Actively coppiced woodland is diverse in its structure and provides an ideal habitat for a wide range of plants and animals. 


In keeping with this traditional and ecologically beneficial approach to woodland management, we use traditional hand-tools (such as axe, bow saw, froe) for the majority of our felling and splitting. We occasionally use chain-saws but these are electric and powered through solar energy whenever possible.   

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Coedwen’s Core Values



We care about the environment in which we work, about the quality of our services and product and about the satisfaction of our customers


We take responsibility for the woodlands we manage as a natural habitat. We ensure that we are aware of potential threats to the woods we manage and work to mitigate these


We manage woodlands in a way which will sustain their existence into the future

We are members of the Small Woods Association