About us


Coedwen is a micro business. We are committed to producing sustainable firewood at the same time as improving the biodiversity of our woodland and minimising any negative impact our activities might have on the environment.  

We harvest firewood through coppicing. Coppicing is the ancient practice of periodically cutting certain hardwood species of tree to ground level. This promotes vigorous re-growth and a sustainable supply of wood for the future. Actively coppiced woodland is diverse in its structure and provides an ideal habitat for a wide range of plants and animals. 


In keeping with this traditional and ecologically beneficial approach to firewood production, we use traditional hand-tools (such as axe, bow saw, froe) for the majority of our felling and splitting. We occasionally use a chain-saw and a mechanised log-splitter but these are electric and powered through solar energy whenever possible.   

We fell our trees during the winter months. By the end of June all the wood we felled that winter is split into lengths and stacked in a dry environment which has a significant natural air flow. Once the split wood has dried to a point where only 22% or less of its weight is water, it is ready to be used as firewood. 

Provided felled trees are replaced through re-planting or allowed to re-grow through coppicing, burning wood is among the most climate-friendly sources of energy available to us. Using wood for heating reduces carbon emissions by 90-95% compared with using fossil fuels. However, if mechanical processing is used in the production of firewood and long-distance transport is required for its delivery, burning firewood is associated with carbon dioxide emissions 


Our aim is to sell carbon neutral firewood. Using a traditional approach to production which is based in St Dogmaels and supplying only to households in the St Dogmaels area, we're pretty confident that we are achieving our aim. 

Early re-growth from an ash stump 

Coedwen’s Core Values



We care about the environment in which we work, about the quality of our product and about the satisfaction of our customers


We take responsibility for the health of our woodland as a natural habitat. We ensure that we are aware of potential threats to our trees and work to mitigate these


We manage our woodland in a way which ensures continuing availability of a proportionate volume of fairly-priced firewood

We are members of the Small Woods Association

Coedwen, The Crow's Nest, Awel y Mor, St Dogmaels SA43 3DA       Tel: 07832 355776  or 07954 846297     coedwen@gmail.com

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