Seasoned hardwood logs

All our wood is produced from our woodland in St Dogmaels. Our hardwood is a mixture of ash, cherry, oak, sweet chestnut and sycamore. Once felled, the lengths are split and naturally dried to a water content of 25% or less before being cut into firewood.

Hardwood logs

Our firewood is a mix of mainly ash, oak and wild cherry, with occasional sycamore and sweet chestnut.

Once seasoned, our firewood is kept in a dry and ventilated store. The moisture content of the firewood we deliver is 22% or less. We will bring a moisture reader with us so you can check for yourselves, if you wish. The logs we deliver are ready to burn.

We offer two sack sizes with logs cut to a length of between 8 and 10 inches. If you would like your logs cut to a particular length (to fit a small wood burner, for example), then please contact us. We can usually oblige for no additional charge.

Barrow Sacks - £45

These sacks measure 45 cm x 45 cm x 95 cm. The logs are neatly stacked in the sacks, not loose packed, to achieve a volume of one fifth of a cubic metre. Each sack contains a minimum of 120 logs (between 8 and 10 inches in length). 

The Barrow Sacks we use allow air exchange and minimise the build up of condensation. The sacks have a lid which helps to protect the firewood from rain. However, after delivery, if the firewood is stored in damp conditions, then the logs will absorb water from the atmosphere and their moisture content will increase. This will result in the logs burning slowly and producing excessive smoke.


The Barrow Sacks we use are not bio-degradable but they are re-usable. If our customers return their Barrow Sack (undamaged), we will give them £5 off their next Barrow Sack order.

Hessian Sack - £7.50

We use exactly the same logs for our Hessian Sacks as we do for our Barrow Sacks.



Our Hessian Sacks are neatly packed with between 17 and 20 logs to form a "cylinder" (94cm in circumference and 43 cm in height: 0.03 cubic metres). The sacks are not packed to the top to allow the "neck" of the sack to be grasped for carrying. The sacks have a hessian drawstring to close the neck.  


Hessian is a sustainable and bio-degradable material but it is not weather-proof, so our Hessian Sacks must be stored in a dry place, preferably indoors, in order to prevent the logs becoming damp.

 Payment and Delivery

Coedwen is a small company looking to supply a high-quality, local product to the people of St Dogmaels. We are not in a position to offer credit and all orders must be paid for in full before delivery and unloading.


Provided we are able to gain straightforward access to your property, we will deliver any of our products, free of charge, to households in St Dogmaels and its outskirts. This is particularly important for Barrow Sack deliveries. If you are uncertain about whether you qualify for free delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


We are unable to make deliveries outside of the St Dogmaels area. 

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