Seasoned hardwood logs

All our wood is produced from our woodland in St Dogmaels. Our hardwood is a mixture of ash, cherry, oak, sweet chestnut and sycamore. Once felled, the lengths are split and naturally dried to a water content of 25% or less before being cut into firewood.

Cutting Coppice

Coppicing is the traditional practice of cutting broadleaf trees and shrubs to the ground. This stimulates vigorous regrowth from the stump. After a period of time, this process can be repeated (almost indefinitely) and ensures a sustainable supply of wood.


We can cut back existing and overgrown coups and we can also fell small areas of small to medium broadleaf maidens (trees with a single stem that have never been coppiced or pollarded) to establish new coppice. We only cut and fell October to March. 

We can cut felled wood into lengths and stack and we manage

"lop and top" through snedding into either dead hedging or habitat piles. 

We are a small team that uses traditional woodland management tools whenever possible. We use axe and bow saw for felling and other traditional tools such as slashers for scrub/bramble clearing. Occasionally, we use a re-chargeable chainsaw to cross-cut felled lengths but usually we would use a two-man saw for this purpose. 

If you have an area of woodland which you think might benefit from coppicing, please contact us for a chat. We will happily visit your woodland with you to discuss your requirements.

Coedwen felling a thirty year old maiden to regrow as coppice (top photograph)

Our tools!