Frequently asked questions

What about ash dieback?

Sadly, like others, the ash trees in our woodland are affected by ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus). We are following the Guidance that has been issued by Forest Research


So, we are no longer felling ash trees that have a healthy crown as it is these trees that may provide seeds which produce individuals that are resistant or tolerant to the fungus. This will mean that, in future, our firewood is likely to contain less ash. As stated in the Guidance, the movement and burning of ash firewood does not pose an infection threat to other ash trees. 

When is the best time to order wood?

You can order wood from us at any time of year but we usually start deliveries for the winter season in October. If our stocks are starting to run low, we will put a notice on the Homepage of the website. 

If our stocks are starting to run low, we will put a notice on the Home page of the website.

When do you deliver?

We aim to make deliveries 3 times a week, so once we have your order we will contact you to let you know when we are able to deliver and make sure this is convenient for you.  We are able to deliver in the evenings if this works best.

What do you mean by straightforward access?

If you are having Kindling or a Hessian Sack or two delivered, then we can probably deliver these to any property, even if it is up some steps (which many houses in St Dogmaels are). The Barrow Sacks are a bit more difficult to deliver if we have to negotiate a steep slope or steps. We have a sack truck which can cope with rougher ground (cobbles) but getting this up steps is a challenge. If you want a Barrow Sack delivery to a property that has a steep slope or steps as access, we are happy to split the load in order to deliver but we will have to make a small charge (typically £3-£5) because of the extra time it takes. 


How do I pay?

We will accept either cash or cheque. If you want to make a bank transfer ahead of delivery, please contact us for our bank details. We will not make a delivery if you have not paid beforehand or do not have cash or cheque available when we call to deliver your order. We are afraid that there can be no exceptions to this condition.

We are only a small company and do not have the facilities to accept credit card payment.


What's the difference between hardwood and softwood?

The answer is very short. The difference is density. Softwoods (such as Scots Pine) are less dense than hardwoods (such as Oak or Wild Cherry). This means that you need to burn more softwood than hardwood to generate the same amount of heat. Whatever wood you burn, the most important factor is that it has been dried or seasoned properly. 

How much kindling do I need?

Our experience suggests that 6 - 8 sticks of good quality kindling will get your fire going. We always use newspaper and some cardboard in conjunction with kindling to start our fires and we recommend that our customers do the same. 


What's the difference between seasoned wood and kiln-dried wood?

Seasoned wood is dried using natural air flow. We season our wood using both windy conditions and a warm, south-facing environment. This allows us to season our wood (to 22% moisture content or less) in a time period of between 6 and 12 months for our ash, a bit longer for our oak. 

Kiln-dried wood has had the moisture driven off by heating in an oven or kiln. Kiln-dried wood typically has a moisture content of 18%. 

Firewood is ready to burn when it has a moisture content of 25% or less. It is important to note that no matter how dry your firewood is when it is delivered, if it is exposed to damp conditions, it will absorb water and its quality will deteriorate. 

If you want know more about using wood as a fuel, The Forestry Commission have produced a useful guide:$file/eng-woodfuel-woodasfuelguide.pdf

Why don't you deliver outside St Dogmaels?

There are two main reasons. We are only a small company based in St Dogmaels. We do not produce huge amounts of firewood and so it makes sense for us to sell and deliver to the people of St Dogmaels. 

The second reason, which is important to us,  is that we want to keep the carbon footprint of our firewood to an absolute minimum. 

Why don't you sell wood by weight?

Wood sold by weight can be a bit of a diddle. The same volume of damp or green wood will weigh significantly more than seasoned wood. This means that if you purchase your wood by weight, you may be paying for water rather than wood.